We’ve seen the folks from the Garage 54 channel on YouTube doing a lot of crazy projects with old Lada vehicles, but their latest idea could be their coolest so far. We know Ladas can be boiled, flooded, and even cemented and still work after that, so an old saloon from the same brand comes as a natural choice for this new project – fitting the car with 38-inch wheels.

We are frequently amazed by the skilled mechanics that run the Garage54 channel and the simple solutions they find to what seem to be complicated tasks. This new project is no different – the folks just use four massive spacers and attach them to the stock hubs of the car and then mount the giant wheels. To make sure the car is still capable of steering left and right, they use longer spacers on the front axle. 

The result is… well, something. It looks nowhere close to a vehicle that has been designed on the drawing board, but it still works. And that’s the most important thing, after all. The first test run on snow shows it actually makes for a very good drift machine and it’s amazing that the whole suspension of the car resists the increased stress even with its factory components.

Unsurprisingly, the car is not very manoeuverable and has a giant turn radius. The solution to that problem? Just put back the stock wheels without spacers on the front axle and have a much more precise steering. The result? An even better drift beast which handles the snow with ease.