Fiat appears to have axed its Mazda MX-5-based 124 Spider, despite only being on sale for two and a half years.

While Fiat has yet to officially confirm the news, or offer an explanation as to why the roadster has been pulled from its UK lineup, the model disappeared from the Italian brand's website last week according to Autocar.

2017 Fiat 124 Spider

The British publication suggests that new WLTP emissions regulations could be behind the move, with the car's 1.4-litre Multiair turbo petrol engine being an older powerplant that has also been used in various other Fiat Chrysler products.

Both the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Jeep Renegade have both had the engine pulled from their respective options lists, with the latter adding a new 1.3-litre turbo unit in its place.

2017 Fiat 124 Spider

The 1.4-litre engine does remain in service in Abarth models, including the Abarth 124 Spider which is still available right now. The more potent version of the sports car has 32 more horses under the bonnet than the softer Fiat but 11 bhp less than the hottest MX-5 which is powered by the Japanese marque's own 2-litre four-pot.

Sales of the Fiat 124 dropped last year, with it shifting around 25 percent less compared to 2017 in the US – the MX-5's sales also dropped by 21 percent in America. In Europe however, both cars have retained steady sales figures.

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