It was only a couple of days ago when Lamborghini published in an unconventional way two teaser images of the facelifted Huracan and now they’ve done it again. “Unconventional” because the previous photos and the new one as well weren’t posted on social media or the company’s official media site, but on Unica. What is Unica you ask? It’s a smartphone app anyone can download, but you’ll need an invite to actually use it.

With “exclusive preview” written in the background, this image allows us to see the refreshed baby bull, though you will have a hard time identifying what has actually changed. The first thing you’ll notice will undoubtedly be the “Evo” suffix to denote this isn’t an ordinary LP610-4. The second obvious change is the reworked exhaust system with the dual tips reminding us of the hardcore Performante. The new exhaust finishers flank the license plate, which on the Performante is positioned a bit lower on the bumper.

2020 Lamborghini Huracan teaser
2020 Lamborghini Huracan teaser

While it doesn’t have the Performante’s mighty rear wing, Lamborghini has given the Huracan Evo a subtle spoiler positioned right above the third brake light. The slightly reshaped mesh pattern that goes from one side of the bumper to the other now holds the company’s name in the middle, while the more aggressive bumper has a beefy diffuser to further reflect this car is one step above the LP610-4.

We can’t quite see what’s going on inside the cabin, but rumour has it there’s a new infotainment system with a much larger portrait-style touchscreen display. The image’s mediocre quality doesn’t allow us to figure out what it says on the side badge positioned low in front of the rear wheels, but whatever it’s written, it ends with Evo.

“LP610-4” will likely become a thing of the past as it is believed Lamborghini will give the naturally aspirated 5.2-litre V10 engine a 10-hp bump, which would consequently change the Huracan’s model designation to LP620-4 for the all-wheel-drive model and to LP590-2 for the tail-happy RWD equivalent.

An official online premiere is right around the corner, so all will be revealed very soon.