Head to any Lexus dealership, and you can pick up a brand-new LC sports car. The lovely looking coupe, which debuted in 2017, is available either with a 471-bhp naturally aspirated V8, or a hybrid-powered V8 producing 354 bhp. But Lexus enthusiasts looking for a bit more can still pick up a brand-new LFA – the company actually sold two of them last year.

In 2017, Lexus said there were still 12 brand-new Lexus LFAs still on sale in the U.S. But following the release of Toyota's year-end sales chart in the country this week, that number has dropped to just seven with two examples moved in 2018 – one at a dealer in Massachusetts, and another at a dealer in Georgia – and three the year prior. 

In case you forget, Lexus produced the LFA for just two years starting in 2010. It had a limited production run of around 500 examples and disappeared from the market for good in 2012. But rumours hint that a follow-up to the beloved sports car could be on the way. Earlier in the year, Lexus Group Vice President and General Manager Jeff Bracken suggested the company is open to a new halo car. The company reportedly has a "high number of requests" for a new LFA, and that the possibility "is not a closed door."

Source: Lexus

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