The new Suzuki Jimny is a total hit. Sales are already going strong in the markets where the cute off-roader is offered and, meanwhile, the automaker is demonstrating the vehicle’s tuning potential with cool concepts like the Jimny Survive study from last month. One thing we haven’t seen yet is a 6x6 version but thanks to a new rendering it now exists. Well, at least in virtual reality.

The Photoshop exercise comes from SRK Designs studio and you can watch the whole process of giving the boxy Suzuki another set of wheels in the video above. The formula is simple but proven – the overall dimensions of the Jimny are slightly increased to accommodate the additional axle and the body is shaped like a pickup.

Gallery: Suzuki Jimny 6x6 rendering

As far as we can see, the designers also use some parts of the G-Class 6x6 but scale them down to fit the size of the Jimny. Off-road tyres and a winch on the front bumper add a rugged touch to the cute SUV’s exterior design. Finally, some extra equipment at the back and a roof rack turn it into the perfect vehicle for your next trip in the wild.

The new Jimny has been on the market for less than six months so it’s too soon to say whether Suzuki has intentions to bring something with six wheels to the market. Our guess is that, if it even happens, it will remain strictly a concept because the demand for such an off-roader should be extremely low despite its super brilliance factor.

One option to see the Jimny 6x6 becoming a reality are tuning companies. We’ve already seen the Jimnny changing its personality to become the Little D and Little G, so gaining two extra wheels shouldn’t be too much of a problem for some tuners.