Driving on snow and ice is a skill that takes some practice, especially in a high-horsepower Mercedes-AMG vehicle with the aids off. To get some much-needed practice YouTuber Marchettino heads to Livigno in the Italian Alps for the Mercedes-AMG Driving Academy. While he manages to get through the course without any problems, another participant in the event isn't so lucky. 

The trials start simply enough by putting Marchettino behind the wheel of a Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe (meaning four-door) 63S on a figure-eight course. This model has all-wheel drive, but for training purposes, the instructor forces the saloon to run with rear drive only. Having 630 bhp and only your wits to control it could be tough, but Marchettino doesn't have much problem sliding the high-horsepower machine with precision.

Another driver isn't so successful, though. She gets too deep into the throttle and slides the GT into a snow bank. This also highlights one of the advantages of learning low-traction driving in the snow because while the saloon is stuck, there's no damage to it. A helpful tow from a front-end loader is all it takes to fix the situation.

Marchettino takes on the slalom next and trades the AMG GT Coupe for an E53 Coupe. The challenge here is to balance understeer and oversteer through precise steering and throttle inputs. The course throws in an extra challenge here by having some especially icy sections rather than only being a snow-covered road.

The final training happens behind the wheel of a CLA45 on a high-speed slalom course that keeps the rear end sliding from side to side throughout the three laps. It looks like by far the most fun lesson of the bunch.