Absolutely nuts!

Believe it or not, the current generation Nissan GT-R with internal designation R35 has been in production for approximately 11 years and Nissan is not even talking about its replacement yet. Frankly, we’re not even hoping for a debut within the next two years as the automaker is still busy releasing all sorts of special editions to keep the interest in the current model alive.

Thankfully, private owners around the world are happy to spend thousands to modify their GT-Rs and show us different takes on the Godzilla. And here’s one of the coolest examples we’ve seen in recent months.

Meet one of the few GT-Rs in the world with complete carbon fibre bodywork. Every exterior part is pure carbon fibre, including the bonnet, doors, wings, side mirror caps, and bumpers. With that huge amount of carbon fibre, we’re just wondering what happens in the case of an accident. Knock on wood!

With all the carbon fibre components installed, the GT-R weighs about 140 kilograms less than a stock GT-R. The total price of the tuning project is about £60,000. Doing simple math, it means the owner paid just about £428 for each kilo trimmed.

If you watch the video after the 7:30 mark you’ll have the chance to hear the car’s amazing exhaust note. And, you guessed it, it’s also full carbon fibre.

We’re not here to judge, but in our eyes, this is a much more interesting project than most of the other modified GT-Rs. Anyone can do a 1,000-horsepower GT-R – however, stripping the weight not only boosts the straight line acceleration but also improves the overall dynamics. And that’s much more important.