It has been more than two months since Audi revealed the 2019 R8 and the subsequent adaptation of the new "Performance" to replace the "Plus" moniker. With its new name comes a number of upgrades to the German supercar when it comes to its on-track performance.

The R8's suspension technology has been tweaked, which includes more distinct separations between the drive modes in the drive select dynamic handling system. The Performance trim also got three settings: dry, wet, and snow.

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As for the engine, well, the V10 Performance now makes 612 bhp and 428 lb-ft via the 5.2-litre V10 powerplant – an increase of 9 bhp and 14.75 lb-ft from before.

Just how do these changes translate on the actual drive? Watch the acceleration and on-track test video on top of this page. It will show you its 0-62 miles per hour time of 3.2 seconds using the R8's launch control system.

When it comes to aesthetics, though, Audi subtly updated the R8 but it's deemed effective as the changes were just enough to tell you that it has something new.

The most prominent change in the 2019 R8 is on its fascia, with the now-wider grille and presence of three flat air-intakes above it. A corner air intake has also been added to give the R8 a more aggressive face. At the rear, the changes are more pronounced, starting off with the two large exhaust tips and the continuous rear vents. The rear diffuser is also a bit larger than before. Inside, there's not much update except for new upholstery trims.

Audi will begin selling the 2019 R8 at the beginning of 2019 in Germany and other European countries.

Source: Automann-TV via Youtube