Waiting until a few days after Christmas to launch a new Lego Technic kit that would appeal to kids and adults seems like an odd business decision. But if you're returning any unwanted gifts, there's a chance to pick up the new Corvette ZR1 Technic set what would look awesome on any bookshelf or desk.

Gallery: Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Lego Technic

The Lego kit consists of 579 pieces. When complete, it measures 29 centimeters long and 12 cm wide. Instead of the standard version, builders can also complete the model as a hot rod.

The ZR1 kit includes neat features like visible moving pistons for the V8 engine and working steering. Just like the road car, there are four tailpipes emerging from the back, a big rear wing, and black wheels.

The little 'Vette is already on sale now in Europe for 39.99 euros or 36 pounds.

Source: Lego via Corvette Blogger