In an odd way to welcome the New Year, CarWow pitted two old-timers on a drag race – the BMW E30 M3 and the Audi RS2. Now, if those two names are eerily familiar to you, congratulations, you are a car nut. Both names were important to these German brands as both were the start of something really, really beautiful.

The E30 M3 is the first M3 ever made which became a popular machine during the late '80s to the early '90s. On the other hand, the RS2 is the very first vehicle to bear the RS name and also the first high-performance estate for the brand.

Gallery: Audi RS2 vs BMW E30 M3 Drag Race

With these two special and historical names in place, which of them would win in a straight-line race? Let's crunch the numbers here.

The E30 M3 packs a 2.3-litre naturally-aspirated engine that's coupled to a five-speed Getrag manual transmission. With a rear-wheel-drive configuration, it's capable of producing 215 bhp. It weighs around 1,400 kilograms.

On the other hand, the RS2 is more powerful with a turbocharged 2.2-litre five-pot power plant pumping under its hood. Co-engineered with Porsche, it churns out a maximum power output of 315 bhp, sending the power to all four wheels with Audi's Quattro system. It has one major disadvantage, though – the RS2 is heavier with 1,600 kg weight. 

The RS2 has a major advantage over the M3, but which do you think won. Watch the video on top of this page to find out. Don't forget to watch until the end as Mat Watson did a quick review of both cars on the track and gave out his verdict on that as well. 

Source: CarWow via Youtube