Suzuki is making the Jimny even more desirable by revealing a pair of adorable concepts at the Tokyo Auto Salon. There's also a brighter take on the Swift Sports.

Gallery: Suzuki at 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon

The Jimny Survive concept prepares the little SUV for hardcore off-roading. It packs a raised ride height and knobby tyres. Up front, there's a steel bumper with an integrated winch and tow hooks. Guards protect the headlights, and pieces of diamond plate steel adorn the front and rear wings. The roof rack appears to double as an exterior roll cage with bars that attach at the base of the A-, B-, and C-pillars. The recovery boards on top of the Jimny should help in case the SUV gets stuck.

2019 Suzuki Jimny official image
Suzuki Jimny Sierra Pickup Style concept

Suzuki also brings the Jimny Sierra Pickup Style concept to the Tokyo Auto Salon that shows how the little off-roader looks as a tiny truck. The company gives the diminutive carry-all a retro grille that replaces the usual five-slot layout with an open design and old-school logo. A new lower fascia includes a pair of tow hooks. The company also lifts the ride height and fits brawnier wings. In a rare styling touch these days, Suzuki adorns the sides with strips of fake wood trim, but the lumber fits the truck's vaguely retro aesthetic. A bar over the bed has a quartet of LED spotlights to illuminate the way ahead

If the Jimny isn't your thing, then Suzuki also brings the Swift Sports Yellow Rev to the Tokyo Auto Salon. It features a special High Chroma Yellow Pearl exterior colour with a grey and white stripe rising from the front wing to the driver door window. A matte black front splitter and side sills split the bright colour around the base of the vehicle.

Gallery: Suzuki at 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon

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Outline of exhibition to Tokyo Auto Salon 2019
Suzuki Co., Ltd. includes 3 reference vehicles in "Tokyo Auto Salon 2019" to be held at Makuhari Messe (Mihama Ward, Chiba City, Chiba City) from January 11 th (Friday) to 13 th (Sun) List all 10 units.

In this Suzuki booth, "Jimny SURVIVE" which imagined the powerfulness of progressing in severe nature, "Jimny Sierra Pickup Style" equipped with a platform that is active in various occasions of hobbies and daily life such as DIY, We will exhibit customized vehicles rich in individuality, such as "Swift Sports Yellow Rev" which evolved the body color of Champion Yellow which is image color to "High chroma yellow pearl".
Main exhibition vehicles

Jimny survive (reference exhibition car)
Based on the new "Jimny" which further advanced performance as a full-fledged mini-wheel drive car, the concept model which imagined the powerfulness which progresses in severe nature under extreme conditions, the altitude world view .

Jimny Sierra Pickup Style (Reference Exhibit)
Based on the new "Jimny Sierra", the concept model which imaged the scene which will be active as your own partner. DIY and other hobbies and living in various situations, developed as a companion for users who need 4 WD performance and convenience of the carrier.

Swift Sports Yellow Rev (reference exhibition car)
Adult real sports model that evolved champion yellow which is the image color of "Swift Sports". We adopted "high chroma yellow pearl" which is the car body color exclusive for the show model expressing the ultimate yellow.

<Commercial vehicle exhibition vehicle>
Compact car:
New Jimny Sierra, Swift Sports, Crosby
Light passenger car:
New Jimny, New Spaceia Gear, Hustler Wanderer, Alto Works
3 reference vehicles including 3, totaling 10
Other exhibits
Chassis model of the new Jimny, VR simulator