The Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is fast. For that matter, every Corvette to wear the ZR1 badge – from the early C3 model to the DOHC ZR-1 (with the hyphen) in the 1990s, to the supercharged C6 and the current 755-horsepower monster – is a very fast machine capable of exerting some legit g-forces on its occupants. These days, Corvettes also have safety systems installed that monitor various vehicle parameters and automatically call GM’s OnStar service for help when certain parameters are met. That’s exactly what happened to Automobile Magazine three times during some recent hot laps at NCM Motorsports Park in Kentucky. There was just one problem – the ‘Vette never crashed.

The humorous experience was captured on video, featuring a yellow ZR1 absolutely hammering around the 3.2-mile track. Behind the wheel was Andy Pilgrim, an Automobile contributor and a successful pro racer to boot, so it’s safe to say the car was getting a proper workout. The first call took place entering turn 1, as Pilgrim was hard on the brakes from nearly 150 mph. He didn’t miss a beat, telling the OnStar rep that all was fine and he was at a race track.

A second call came a minute later, with Pilgrim again explaining (loud enough to be heard of the ZR1’s full-throttle engine roar) there was no crash. A third call came just as he completed the lap, where he spent a bit more time politely reassuring a different rep that all was well and the Corvette was just that awesome. Chevrolet apparently had no explanation for why the ZR1 kept triggering its emergency services, but in OnStar’s defense, the Corvette did pull 1.44 lateral Gs at one point on the lap.

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Chevrolet also said it was the first time they’d ever heard of OnStar calling a ZR1 when it hadn’t crashed. We can’t speak for ZR1’s but a quick YouTube search reveals at least a few videos – most from noted tuning company Hennessey Performance – where hard launches and brutal turns at a track prompted OnStar to call.

Friends, now is an awesome time to be a fan of insane automotive performance. Jump over to Automobile Magazine at the link below to get the full story.