We had some time over Christmas to peruse YouTube for some awesome radio-controlled toys, and what to our wondering eyes should appear? A miniature, um, something that has four wheels, a ginormous jaw, a bomb casing for an engine intake, and a stylised driver pulled straight from a post-apocalypse Anime saga. And it all brilliantly works. Can RC cars get any more spectacular than this?

We’ll be brutally honest in saying we don’t know nearly enough about how this epic RC car came to life. The video comes from someone on YouTube named Danny Huynh, and Danny doesn’t appear to be a stranger to custom RC projects. The channel is absolutely filled with videos of everything from somewhat-normal looking race cars to crazy motorcycles, trikes, and fiendish off-roaders pulled straight from the pages of a Mad Max film.

Gallery: Drift Queen custom RC drift car

As for the Drift Queen featured here, the video description mentions this machine once had the body of a HumVee. There are a couple other videos showing the project with the Hummer shell, and the descriptions there mention it’s Danny’s smallest build so far. The size is totally deceptive because of all the exceptional detail, but in fact, the Drift Queen is barely the length of an outstretched hand. So yeah, the detail on this scale model is absolutely incredible.

Obviously it doesn’t have a real mini-V8, though the added sound makes it even better. We can see an electric motor in there behind the driver, with a servo operating the “queen’s” throttle. The opening jaw is just crazy, and honestly, we love the look of this build just as it is here, with just a red frame surrounding the mad driver inside.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this channel because this thing is brilliant beyond words. We can’t wait to see what comes next.