We know you love mismatched drag races and we love them too. Especially when there’s some kind of a connection between the two contenders but they are not a perfect match. How about a classic versus a modern muscle? Yes, please!

Such is the case with this drag race filmed by the Wheels channel on YouTube. It puts against each other a vintage 1968 Charger and a modern 2018 Charger. That’s a gap of five decades of engineering progress.

Well, in the world of drag racing that doesn’t mean anything. We’ve seen older vehicles smashing significantly newer cars with ease but, thankfully, we have a pretty close battle here. On the left side is a 1968 Charger, a car we’ve seen unsuccessfully racing a Dodge Demon. Still, it’s a modified example that is capable of doing a quarter-mile run in 12.82 seconds at 113.99 miles per hour. That's a decent result.

On the right side is a brand new 2018 Charger in what appears to be a purely stock form. With a good driver behind the wheel, this car should be able to run the quarter-mile in the low 12s without any modifications. That’s not the case here because the driver misses the green light a bit, which makes the race even more interesting.

Of course, we are not going to spoil the result of this drag race so make sure to watch the whole video at the top.