When you think of the Renault Twizy, you would probably liken it to a lawnmower or a golf cart, but beating a Mercedes-AMG GT R in a race would never cross your mind, right? I mean, who in the right sense would put these two on a drag strip? Apparently, Top Gear did, and it's probably the most fun video we've had to watch this weekend. 

Yes, yes, the AMG GT R could obviously smoke the Twizy on a straight-line race, twice or even thrice, before the Renault could even finish the quarter-mile strip. But there's a catch here: the Merc races in reverse.

Now, we're talking.

Gallery: Renault Twizy vs Mercedes-AMG GT R

For starters, the mean green machine produces 577 bhp and 516 pound-feet of torque. With these numbers spewing out of its bonnet, the AMG GT R could reach a maximum speed of 198 miles per hour when moving forward. However, in reverse, it could only do 38 mph. Quite appalling, but who needs speed when going in reverse, right? Well, Brian O'Connor's a different story.

Now, as for the Twizy, being a two-seat environment-friendly machine has its downside – it can only produce 17 bhp and 42 lb-ft of torque, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 50 mph. Disappointing, but at least that's faster than a rear-facing AMG GT R.

With the figures laid out above, we reckon, is a quarter mile enough for the Twizy to catch the AMG GT R given that the EV has a higher top speed? Which do you think would win? Watch the video above and see the cutest drag race of the year.

Source: Top Gear via Youtube