Even though the Dodge Viper has been out of our lives for the last few years, car enthusiasts are doing their best to keep its memory alive and thriving. Enter this rendering from Rain Prisk showcasing the Viper with a new look entirely: a shooting brake body style.

The recipe is a fairly simple one to follow. Take Dodge’s 645-bhp supercar, chop the roof off, and add a healthy dose of estate. Don’t worry, the glorious 8.4-litre V10 is here to stay. The badass car prompts the question: Is the combination of American muscle and European proportions is a match made in heaven?

The Viper rendering crucially leaves the wheelbase unchanged, keeping the car’s proportions just right. The rear glass is now angled more like a traditional estate, which adds a hint of practicality to an otherwise completely impractical car. Speaking of rear glass, the new tailgate is a bigger piece entirely, incorporating the taillights and a strip of metal running below them.

Maybe the concept isn’t so crazy, after all. Just ask the folks at Callaway about their Corvette-based Aerowagon. Unlike the Viper, Callaway’s C7 spin-off made it to production and stole the hearts of many in the process.

Until the day comes for the Viper shooting brake to see the light of day (and boy we do hope it does), we can all spend our time dreaming of what life would be like with such a beautiful, brutal machine.