Honda rolls into the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon with five concepts showing off the customisation potential of the venerable brand's products, but the absolute star of the show is the new S660-based Neo Classic Racer. This kitschy, little coupe blends retro-inspired cues and modern, sporty style.

Honda S660 Neo Classic Racer Concept

The S660 starting point for the Neo Classic Racer concept is still vaguely visible, but the designers overhaul the little sports car's overhaul look. Elements like the wing-mounted mirrors and leather bonnet latches give the machine a retro-tinged appearance. However, the weird headlight covers and Honda-emblem-shaped rear window give the exterior a weird aesthetic. Wider wings with visible fasteners and a ducktail spoiler provide a visual indication that this concept focuses on speed.

Honda S660 Neo Classic Racer Concept

The S660 is cool enough as is, and this body kit might take things too far. Take off some of the wilder elements like the headlight covers, and we could get behind the look, though. 

Based on the Honda N-Van, the Trip Van is supposed to offer a surfer's paradise. The designers imagine it has a boxy machine that young people could drive throughout Japan to find the best waves along the country's ample coastline.

Honda Well Concept Tokyo Auto Salon

Honda also brings a family-focused version of the Step Wgn that it calls the Well concept (both pictured above). The company's announcement doesn't provide much detail on the changes beyond the interior being gentle and fun. The automaker intends the boxy vehicle to be the "family car of the future."

Honda Civic Versatilist Concept

The Civic hatchback gets a new body kit from Honda's Versatilist concept (pictured above). The pieces give the vehicle brawnier wings and revised front splitter.

Honda Fit Elegant Color Concept

Finally, the Jazz Elegant Colour Collection (pictured above) is supposed to appeal to female buyers. It would offer a variety of colour options like the odd mix of a blue roof and gold trim on the exterior of this one.

The Tokyo Auto Salon will run from January 11 to 13, and Japan's top automakers will be there showing off their customised wares.

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