The Fiat 500 is small enough to fit under a Christmas tree. An appropriate metaphor considering the press release that we were sent this week.

That's because some Fiat 500s have actually been wrapped up in time for Christmas. They're not being given away though, in fact they're providing a much needed additional emergency service.

Fiat saves Christmas

We've all been there – you've somehow got all of your Christmas shopping done, but you've forgotten to buy wrapping paper, and with days left your presents are sat in a supermarket bag-for-life in the boot of your car (just me? Okay).

Thankfully for people living in Zones 1 and 2 of London (and unfortunately for me stuck up here in the north), they will be able to call on the free 500 Little Helper service via the hashtag #WrappedbyFiat on Twitter and Instagram. Like a festive version of the Thunderbirds, Fiat will despatch a team to your door stocked with wrapping paper, tape, scissors, and even some Fiat 500 gift tags if you need them – yes this is all completely real.

Fiat saves Christmas

"The Fiat 500 is a car that spreads cheer and happiness everywhere it goes, so it’s fitting that it should be there for you to ensure your Christmas celebrations go without a glitch," said Andrea Lo Presti, Fiat Marketing Director. "With family stress levels reaching their peak on Christmas Eve, gift givers can relax in the knowledge that if they run out of essential supplies, a response team of little helpers is only a hashtag away."

So are you stuck in a bind with your Christmas wrapping? simply head to Twitter or Instagram and post #WrappedbyFiat, along with 'Help me!' and your postcode.

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