Owning just one of Aston Martin's special Zagato models would be the prize of many people's automotive collections, but a mystery owner from Scotland now owns four of them. The guy behind the Mr JWW YouTube channel knows this person and is lucky enough to be at Aston's headquarters during the handoff of this quartet of modern Vanquish Zagatos: the coupe, Volante convertible, roofless Speedster, and shooting brake.

Gallery: Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Speedster and Shooting Brake

The new owner specified all of these rare machines in an identical colour combination. The exterior is a deep shade of crimson that Aston Martin calls Lava Red. Stepping inside, occupants find a combination of orange and black upholstery. 

Aston Martin produced just 99 units each of the coupe, Volante, and shooting brake. The firm built just 28 examples of the Speedster because the complete lack of a top limited the number of interested buyers. All of them used the existing Vanquish as a starting point but received a beautifully sculpted carbon fibre body. The coupe and shooting brake incorporated Zagato's trademark double-bubble roof, and the nacelles behind the seats on the Volante and Speedster echoed this design element, too. They all share a 6.0-litre naturally aspirated V12 producing 592 bhp.

While all of the models are special, the shooting brake is the real jewel of the collection. Aston Martin extends the roof and fits a tinted glass section in the centre. The piece blends into the top from the outside but creates a beautiful view from inside the cabin. The extra room in the back makes the slick-looking machine quite practical for daily driving, if the owner isn't afraid of potentially damaging the rare model.

The new owner of this quartet has plenty of exciting driving ahead with these Aston Martin Zagatos in the garage.