Ken Block’sGymkhana videos never fail to rake in the YouTube views, and perhaps none have been so anticipated as Gymkhana 10. The epic video finally dropped today, taking the pro driver and DC Shoes co-founder to five locations around the world to kill tyres in five different vehicles. Unless you’ve been dead or stuck on that weird asteroid that went through the solar system a few months back, you probably already know the details. For those that don’t, welcome back from the afterlife and/or your trip around the galaxy. Here’s a preview of the madness above.

Ken Block Gymkhana 10 Fiesta WRC

For this iteration of the tyre-smoking extravaganza, Mr. Block makes three stops across the U.S.A. along with trips to Mexico and Sweden, the latter of which doesn’t really slay tyres since the visit happened during winter, but that’s not the point. The vehicles included in this world tour are certainly not insubstantial, starting with a WRC-spec Ford Fiesta with 380 bhp in the icy backdrop of Sweden. The action then moves to the broken streets of Detroit with the infamous Hoonicorn Mustang, where its 1,400-bhp mill did, in fact, destroy tyres to biblical proportions.

Ken Block Gymkhana 10 Hoonicorn

Following the Motor City romp, Block saunters south of the border to Mexico in his Ford Focus RS RX where he terrorizes the town of Guanajuato. The fourth stop heads back to America – this time Los Angeles – where ironically he generates all kinds of sparks and flame in his since-departed Escort RS Cosworth.

Ken Block Gymkhana 10 Focus

It’s all quite exciting, but we suspect the majority of Block’s fans will tune in for the final location, featuring the debut of the custom 1977 Ford F-150 known as the Hoonitruck. We’ve already seen it revealed; the truck packs a 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 from the Ford GT, but in this instance, it makes 914 bhp to all four wheels.

Ken Block Gymkhana 10 Cosworth

We could go on for another page or two at least, sharing opinions and backstory gleamed from The Gymkhana Files lead-up that aired on Amazon Prime. But let’s be honest – the cars and the tyre smoke are all that matters so check out our modest gallery of screenshots below, and enjoy the 19-minute video. It’s certainly worth it.

Ken Block Gymkhana 10 Hoonitruck

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