Until very recently, Rolls-Royce has focused on a specific section at the very top of the luxury vehicle market, building opulent limousines, coupes, and convertibles. The launch of the Cullinan SUV indicates the brand's willingness to explore new segments, though.

With the brand's expansion in mind, the folks at Compare the Market created these renderings imagining the result of Rolls-Royce expanding into practically every vehicle segment, including a truck, compact hatchback, and even an MPV. For each one of these fantastical cars, the artists squashed and stretched the brand's chiselled styling cues in fascinating ways. 

We have ordered these slides roughly in order of the likelihood of Rolls-Royce ever deciding to build a vehicle like this. However, things get cloudy as you keep going because it's impossible to decide between a Rolls flying car or Batmobile arriving first. Click through the slides above to see all of these imaginary luxury vehicles.