In this recent episode of Lovecars, Tiff Needell travels to Spain to get behind the wheel of the all-new 2019 BMW 8 Series Coupe. After a 20-year hiatus, the 8 Series returns just as the 6 Series Coupe ends production. Bigger and better, BMW hopes the 8 Series will improve upon what the 6 Series left behind. After throwing his golf clubs in the boot, Tiff sets off in an 840d on a quick drive to meet his colleague Paul.

Arriving at a football stadium out of all places, Tiff finds Paul and the two get inside the large GT coupe. Tiff then shows Paul a neat auto reverse memory feature which allows the driver to let the car reverse without holding the steering wheel. The 8 Series also remembers the exact route the driver takes leading to a parking spot and will automatically reverse the same way without human aid.

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The two then hit some nice country byways to see how its road manners are. After some time behind the wheel, both gentlemen agree that the 840d’s road holding is fantastic while its suspension is a little on the firm side. As big as the 8 Series is, it doesn’t make the driver feel its weight. Tiff and Paul then pay a visit to the world famous Ascari race track to stretch out the 840d’s legs a bit. The car shows great poise around the circuit, never getting out of sorts even at the limit. Just for fun, Tiff even gives it a good old Scandinavian flick and executes a perfect four-wheel drift.

The boys then head back to their resort and are met with the M850i. Almost identical to its diesel counterpart, the petrol version differentiates itself with quad-tip exhaust pipes, a front lip splitter and obviously the M850i badge on the rear. Tiff then takes it for a spin on a winding road and drives the car to the limit all while giving commentary is if he was watching himself race back in the old days. Judging from the smile on is face, fun cars make you feel young.

Source: Lovecars via YouTube