It's crazy how drone technology and popularity has just exploded in the last five years. Back then, consumer based drones were almost non-existent and not to mention quite expensive. Now, at the end of 2018 anyone can go out and buy a drone for a few hundred dollars or more, and start filming from the sky right out of the box. In this film dubbed “Drift Hard”, a drone operator chases a wide range of different cars going sideways.

Unlike otherdrift car chase videos involving drones, you hear the engines bouncing off the rev-limiter with a blend of ‘80’s and ‘90’s action movie music added to the mix to give the film some drama. With how close and aggressive the drone follows the drift cars, the music just works. At certain moments, it almost seems as if the drone is participating in the tandem battles, getting within a few feet of the car doors. It’s safe to say the pilot has logged quite the amount of flight hours.

Gallery: Drone drift car chase

The film follows a plethora of drift missiles, with the opening scene showcasing a Nissan 350Z. Next up is the ever popular Nissan S13 240SX doing its thing on a solo run. Then things get a bit hairier with a trio of S13s keeping a tight formation without touching bumpers or wings. More 350Zs join in on the fun and even an Infiniti G35 saloon gets in on the action

Hovering over and past the sliding cars, the drone gets as close to the madness as possible. There’s even a point where the drone goes over a power line and loops under, like Tom Cruise piloting a helicopter. If this drift chase video doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what will.