Less than a week ago, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Alaska, just north of Anchorage. Thankfully, there were no fatalities reported after the incident. However, there was extensive damage to bridges, buildings, and roads. While most drivers wouldn’t think of crossing a highly damaged road, a Jeep CJ7 was caught taking on the challenge in this video. When the going gets tough, you can always count on a Jeep to step up to the plate.

As you can tell from the footage, the once perfectly good road has been broken, cracked, and opened up by Mother Nature. It’s something out of a sci-fi post-apocalyptic movie, truly a sight to be seen. With nowhere to go on either side of the road, navigating through the broken asphalt and rubble left the owner no choice but to exercise what Jeeps do best: driving off-road. As seen on the Jeep n' Alaska Facebook group:

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With its weathered exterior, aftermarket wheels, and larger tyre setup, this CJ7 certainly seems capable of conquering rough terrain. A winch mounted up front along with performance suspension can be spotted as well. Once the driver began navigating through the rubble, it was articulation galore. If there’s one way to test out your Jeep’s capabilities, this is certainly the perfect opportunity.

The first drop down into the wreckage was the most nerve-racking moment, with the Jeep bottoming out just a tad. After that, it was pretty much a walk in the park all the way to the end. It’s safe to say that all the modifications weren’t just for show. Just another mall crawler? We certainly don’t think so.

Source: ViralHog via YouTube, Jeep 'n Alaska via Facebook