In 2015, Porsche presented the Mission E concept car, a vehicle that anticipated the design and technical characteristics of the brand's first electric car. In June 2018, the German brand announced the moniker Taycan for the production version. The company has been driving plenty of test mules on the road since then. This new rendering imagines how the EV might look once the camouflage comes off.

Porsche has a high bar to clear with the Taycan. It has to be every bit as good as the company's combustion-powered vehicles but still offer the range necessary to be a competitive EV.

Two engines, 600 bhp, and more than 310 miles of range

The Porsche Taycan will have two permanent asynchronous electric motors – one at each axle. They will develop a combined output of at least 600 bhp. The performance will undoubtedly live up to Porsche customers' expectations, reaching 62 miles per hour in less than 3.5 seconds and 124 mph in just 12 seconds.

So that the range does not suffer, the Taycan will incorporate a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 95 kilowatt hours. This setup will allow the sedan to travel more than 310 miles between charges. Underneath the skin, the Taycan will ride on Volkswagen Group's J1 platform that will also underpin the Audi E-Tron GT.

It will also be capable of fast recharging

Today, the weak point of electric cars is a long recharge time, and this shortcoming is something that the German manufacturer intends to solve. In fact, the new model will be able to connect to a 350-kW fast charger that will allow it to recover to an 80-percent level in just 15 minutes. The vehicle will also conform to the CCS Combined Charge system for Europe and the United States. For folks who hate cables, there will be an available wireless charging, but it will refill the batteries much more slowly.

But what is Porsche aiming for with the Taycan? According to information provided by the brand, the automaker hopes to sell 20,000 units per year early in the model's life. These numbers should increase in the future, especially when the Taycan Cross Turismo wagon arrives later.


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