It's fun in racing games to take a car that's fun stock and install a ton of mods to make the machine a demon on the track. This owner has done this in the real world and created one of the wildest Subaru Imprezas we have ever seen in the process. The car recently received a six-speed sequential gearbox and went to the track to test things out.

With a 2003 Impreza STI as a starting point, the engine has received a 2.1-litre stroker kit and Precision 60/62 turbo. A new intake and titanium exhaust help get air in and out of the mill. On the dyno, this setup is good for 794 bhp.

The Impreza makes a raw, mechanical sound on the track. In the cabin, there's a cacophony from the whining gearbox, roaring engine, and hissing turbo. We're not sure whether this Subie is still road legal, especially given Europe's stringent rules regarding vehicle modifications, but this machine is probably too loud for someone to drive daily on the street without the occupants' ears ringing when they reach their destination. 

This Subaru doesn't look too extreme on the outside because the major visual tweak comes from a vented bonnet. However, the highly modified powertrain makes itself known at the back because spurts of flame accompany some of the upshifts. 

While the car puts on quite a show, it appears to be quite a handful for this driver. For example, he's exiting a corner at around the 3:50 mark of the video. The ample power causes the tyres to break loose, and the driver has to saw at the wheel to regain control. 

The video below shows off this Impreza on the dyno.