During public driving periods, the Nürburgring Nordschleife qualifies as a one-way toll road, which means anyone with road-legal vehicle can pay to take a lap. Usually, the circuit is full of sporty cars and motorcycles, but this video shows that some very odd machines show up to have some fun there, too. 

Gallery: Weird Vehicles on Nurburgring video

The clip starts in aggravating fashion by showing a diesel-fuelled Ram pickup "rolling coal" on the 'Ring. There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking a truck there, but blowing black soot on other vehicles is incredibly rude. 

The rest of the machines look like a ton of fun, though. Among the oddities, there's a bizarre Volkswagen Passat estate that the owner dresses up to look like a boat. There's even a crow's nest on the roof with a stuffed parrot attached to the front. 

A couple Land Rover Defenders also lap the Nordschleife. They look more appropriate for taking on a safari, but the drivers have no problem hustling the SUVs around the track.

In a similar vein, a couple in an old-school Jeep also hits the track. It has no doors, roof, or even a rollbar, so the ride must make the occupants feel very exposed. The woman in the passenger seat holds onto the top of the windscreen for a little extra stability.

The Nürburgring is a popular spot for motorcycle riders. Seeing a bike with a sidecar there isn't too odd of a sight, either, but they probably don't usually lift the extra passenger into the air in the corners. It doesn't look like a very comfortable ride.

There are also a group of folks who figure out the perfect way to take a bunch of people around the circuit. They ride in a Lincoln Towncar stretch limo and film the ride out of the sunroof. The driver is really pushing the big machine, too.