Dodge Demon on fire? We’re pretty sure there’s a hellfire joke in there somewhere, but on a serious note, this was someone’s very fast, very expensive car that is now a burnt-out shell.  Instagram user @gtfivehunnit posted a video of the car in flames, with a short description saying the inferno was caused by an exploding transmission.


In a follow-up Instagram post, a couple pictures at the scene with a close-up shot of the aftermath are accompanied with an update that says the car is “cooked like a well-done steak.” Clearly, this person knows nothing about grilling or fine dining, because the back of the car looks completely raw to us.


Kidding aside, information is a bit sketchy on what all contributed to this Demon’s demise. It appears nobody was injured, which is obviously the most important factor in this case. Nothing else is mentioned in the Instagram posts, nor is anything revealed on a YouTube video (viewable at the top of the page) which we believe is the same car. However, here’s where things get a bit crazy.

An article over at Tire Meets Road alleges the Demon was actually doing 170 mph on public roads when the transmission let go. The source of that information, according to the article, is a direct message that @gtfivehunnit allegedly sent someone that, for reasons not explained, Tire Meets Road somehow got ahold of. Furthermore, the Demon was apparently modified, though the extent of the modifications isn’t known. Another Instagram user known as @sinister_lifestyle was apparently there and also posted a couple of photos, as well as a video that looks identical to the YouTube clip from Zaimiam Lifestyle.


Honestly, this all reads like it could be a hot mess, and we’re not talking about the burnt Demon. If the car was modded, and if it was actually being driven at 170 mph on public roads – on the super-skinny drag-spec front tires no less which appear to be installed on the car in the photos – then perhaps things could’ve been much worse than a car fire. Should any of that alleged information at Tire Meets Road prove to be accurate, we wouldn't be surprised if these Instagram posts disappear in the near future.

In any case, it’s sad to see a rare car go up in flames regardless of the circumstances. Here's hoping the insurance was paid up.