There are still some weird misconceptions about electric cars.

Despite manufacturers migrating towards all-electric product lineups these days, the battery-powered car is still very much a new phenomenon.

Because of that, many mainstream motorists still have their doubts about them, even though there really isn't much to fear these days when it comes to the electric car.

"Sales of plug-in electric and hybrid cars have shot up this year by nearly 22 percent even while the general car market has suffered a seven per cent drop in registrations," said Vicky Parrott, Associate Editor of "But as sales are booming, so are questions from motorists trying to catch up with the trend towards electrified cars."

"As well as predictably practical questions, our consumer research also reveals some occasionally bizarre worries that people have, including what happens if your electric car is struck by lightning, or whether you risk a shock if you charge it in the rain."

Now in order to stop the fears surrounding the electric car, independent electric vehicle advice site has put together a list of the most common bizarre questions, and the answers of them to set the record straight.

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