Sophia Floersch has undergone a successful seven-hour operation on the spinal fracture she suffered in her horrific Macau Grand Prix crash, doctors have confirmed.

The German was injured in a violent accident in the F3 race on Sunday, after being launched into the air and over another car before striking a photographer's bunker.

A seven-hour operation on her back was conducted on Monday, with doctors saying in a press conference afterwards that her vital signs are stable and limbs are active. She will remain in hospital for up to two weeks.

A message from her official Twitter account said that there had been no complications from the delicate operation.

“The medical team is deliberately working slowly to avoid risks,” it said. “The previous surgical course is good and without complications. The surgery that began this morning continues.”

Sophia Flörsch F3 Makau GP 2018

It was also confirmed that TOM’S driver Sho Tsuboi had been discharged from hospital on Sunday night, while injured photographer Hiroyuki Minami has also been released.

Chinese photographer Chan Weng Wang, who has a lacerated liver, is expected to remain in hospital for another 10 days.

Race marshal Chan Cha suffered cuts and a broken jaw but should be released in three to four days.