Overfinch, Cheshire's favourite automotive skunkworks (although it's based in Leeds), has partnered with Prodrive in a bid to up its production numbers.

The Range Rover tuners will get finished, ready-to-fit carbon fibre components from the Banbury-based motorsport firm, having integrated it fully into its supply chain to match its demanding production schedule.

Sport front grille

Prodrive is working on not only component manufacturing for Overfinch, but it has also designed the latest conversion packages for the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport that Overfinch sells. It used state-of-the-art scanning techniques and computer-aided design CAD to accurately prepare tooling and prototypes, ahead of a wider production.

"Prodrive’s expertise in composite manufacture was critical to optimising the design, ensuring that high-quality, A-surface components could be produced consistently," said Kevin Sloane, Chairman of Overfinch. "Our partnership with Prodrive has enabled us to significantly increase production and move into new markets"

"Prodrive collaborates with us on an ongoing basis including design work, product revisions and production. It can deliver fixed volumes each week to match our build order and provide components that are significantly easier to install than those we were using in the past."

For the new tie-up with Overfinch, Prodrive made use of a new manufacturing process to produce a backing that accurately secures the mounting bracketry and clips to the carbon components, which means the new aftermarket components can securely fix to the original car. The proces significantly cuts down build time by making fitment much easier.

Sport rear door

"Often companies like Overfinch request composite parts from suppliers, only to receive pieces that require modification and adjustment to make them fit," said Richard Gregory, Quality and Engineering Director, Prodrive Composites. "Not only are we able to design and deliver components that fit straight on using the OE fixtures, we are also able to deliver the parts as and when they need them."

As well as painted components, Prodrive is also working on bare 'visual' components. Both will be supplied by Prodrive Composites' own paint shop, so all parts will be made to order and unique to each vehicle. The process cuts down Overfinch's build time from a week to just a day.

"We sequence delivery and have a dedicated project manager that resolves any queries, concerns or difficulties that arise," said Gregory. "Being able to paint in-house and deliver components to Overfinch’s build schedule is a significant advantage. These factors have led to a strong working relationship between Overfinch and Prodrive Composites and we are excited to continue building this relationship."

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