If you're a fan of Rowan Atkinson's, you know the crazy things that his character Mr. Bean does to his lime green classic Mini Cooper. I remember growing up watching him put padlocks on his car, had some parking problems, getting dressed while driving, or even driving on top of the roof (see the video at the bottom of this story). They were funny, and still is up until now. In fact, I think it was Mr. Bean that started my infatuated with the iconic small car.

What if I told you that someone out there in Europe has done almost the same thing to a Volvo V40? Well, not really the same, but it isn't really far from what Mr. Bean did.

Garage 54 ENG and MasterMilo82 are two crazy Youtube superstars known for doing crazy stunts individually, like feeding salt, Coke, and vegetable oil into a Lada and shifting an Opel Astra into reverse while running speeds. These guys eventually met, and what happened was something unimaginable – equipping a VW Golf with a roll cage so it could...roll.

This time, however, the two put the seats of a Volvo V40 on the car's front end. Not sure why they did it, but it sure is hilarious, especially when they had fun with their creation. Watch the video above to see for yourself. A bit of a warning, though: don't try this at home. This is actually an accident waiting to happen, but good thing they've installed seatbelts to this unique Volvo V40. Still, leave mental things like this to these guys, okay?

Now, tell us who did it better: Garage 54 ENG and MasterMilo82, or Mr. Bean?