Alpina’s new XD3 Biturbo will arrive in the UK in April with prices starting at just under £58,000.

Based on the latest BMW X3, the sporty SUV will use a 3-litre straight-six diesel engine with two turbochargers to provide a total of 329 bhp and a massive 516 lb-ft of torque.

With that much grunt at the disposal of the driver’s right foot, the car will accelerate from 0-62 mph in 4.8 seconds before hitting a top speed of 158 mph.

As a result, the German SUV can claim to be the world’s fastest-accelerating production diesel 4x4 – a title it holds jointly with the Bentley Bentayga and Audi SQ7.

2019 Alpina XD3 Biturbo

According to Alpina, which works closely with BMW and even sells its cars in selected BMW showrooms, the latest-generation X3 provided a lighter and stiffer car than its predecessor, allowing for greater dynamic capability.

The company has focussed on offering long-distance comfort and sharp B-road handling, with the fitment of shorter, stiffer springs that are designed to reduce body roll through corners, as well as lowering the car’s centre of gravity.

2019 Alpina XD3 Biturbo

New switchable dampers have also been fitted, allowing the driver to choose between multiple settings, including a new Comfort Plus mode.

The four-wheel-drive system has also been recalibrated for the XD3, with a new limited-slip rear differential and programming that allows up to 90 percent of the engine’s torque to feed the rear wheels.

Alpina GB’s brand manager Gary Lott said the XD3 would cater for keen drivers, while remaining a comfortable motorway cruiser.

“Our cars are for driving enthusiasts who value a blend of qualities that can only be delivered by immense attention to detail,” he said.

“Alpina’s dynamics specialists have spent months optimising the chassis not by hurling it around a race track, but by simply driving as customers would: on roads, enjoying every mile however fast or slow. The result is remarkable ride quality combined with a pin sharp driving experience.”

All that comes included in the £57,900 starting price, along with 22-inch alloy wheels, a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster and a rear-view camera.

2019 Alpina XD3 Biturbo

Acoustic glazing has also been fitted to reduce wind and road noise, while there is an “almost limitless” range of leather trims, each of which has been created by Alpina’s saddlery.

Every car comes with a numbered plaque that confirms its originality and its place on the production line.

2019 Alpina XD3 Biturbo

Although Alpina is technically separate from BMW, the two companies have forged a close relationship, and the XD3 will come with a BMW-endorsed three-year/124,000-mile warranty.

“Alpina is a company that creates subtly stylish, very high-performance cars that can be tailored to each customer’s personal requirements, yet offer the long-term comfort and durability required for enthusiastic daily use,” said the company’s CEO, Andreas Bovensiepen, son of founder Burkard Bovensiepen. “We have a unique philosophy and a commitment to engineering excellence that we intend to maintain and build on as our company develops into the future.”

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