Here at, we all love the DeLorean. We’ve seen tens of them for sale and each time one is listed, we are so tempted to bid. But today we’re especially interested in this example as it’s basically not a car. Not at all.

The machine you see in the video at the top and in the attached gallery below is a one-off DeLorean hovercraft. It’s hand-built and is completely functional. The DeLorean part is not just a body of an original car bolted onto the hovercraft, but a housing sculptured from Styrofoam to look like the real thing.

The whole machine is based on the blueprints of an Universal Hovercraft UH-13PT, from where it draws inspiration for the basic shape of the hull, skirt, and fan ducts. The DeLorean body is wrapped in fibreglass and finished in metallic paint to mimic the original hue.

Power comes from a 23-bhp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard riding lawnmower-style engine for the 36-inch thrust fan and a B&S 875 Professional Series push mower engine for the 24-inch lift fan. As a result, the machine can hover over basically anything that’s flat – water, land, ice, snow, sand, and asphalt. The top speed in the current powertrain configuration is about 31 mph on water.

Gallery: DeLorean hovercraft for sale

The seller explains he has spent the last few months further improving the hovercraft and ensures it is currently in “the best shape of its life.” Many components have been replaced, including thrust engine components, fuel lines, fuel pump, fuel filter, and more.

The hovercraft is currently located in San Francisco and the seller promises he will give you a ride and teach you how to drive it if you are interested in buying it. Also, and that’s very helpful, he will give you free phone consultations for any technical questions you might have after the purchase. Still here waiting?

DeLorean hovercraft for sale
DeLorean hovercraft for sale
DeLorean hovercraft for sale

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