Damd is the latest Japanese tuning house to try to turn the new Suzuki Jimny into a mini Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and the effort looks a lot more attractive than Liberty Walk's effort to our eyes. The company is also taking things a step further by making a body kit that gives the little Suzuki a visual appearance akin to the classic Land Rover Defender. Damd calls this pair the Little G and Little D respectively, and both of them go on sale in 2019.

With its boxy aesthetic, the Jimny already resembles the G-Class and Defender, but Damd installs the little touches that make the difference. The Little G gains a new grille with a bar running through it like Mercedes' design. The lower fascia also takes on the German SUV's three-inlet layout. Revised wings flares are more angular than Suzuki's stock pieces and blocky trim runs the length of the vehicle. Even the spare tire carrier gains a cover like the one on the G-Wagen.

The Little D is just as impressive of an approximation of the Defender. Damd's new bonnet nails the classic Land Rover's shape. However, some owners might want to leave off the Little D branding that's prominently on the front edge because it could send the wrong message to other folks in the road. The kit also includes a revised grille, bumper, and skid plate that create a fantastic recreation of a Defender's nose. A new rear bumper and mud flaps complete the transformation at the back. 

Gallery: Suzuki Jimny Little D and Little G by Damd

According to Damd, pricing for these body kits is still being determined. It's still likely less expensive to buy a Jimny and these pieces than a new G-Class or used Defender in perfect condition, though.

Source: Damd, 2, 3, DAMD Inc. via YouTube via Uncrate