Food trucks are all the rage these days, but they seldom look as cool as this rounded Volkswagen T2 Transporter that serves sausages and other snacks at the Swarovski Kristallwelten in Austria. It even has a matching trailer that hides the coolers for drinks. This weird rig looks like the best way to get the wurst.

Gallery: Volkswagen Type 2 Food Truck

The bubble-like, yellow body gives the machine a very eye-catching appearance. A large panel on one side opens to let the chef walk into the tiny kitchen, and the pop-up roof means there's plenty of headroom. A hatch on the other side provides a place to take orders and serve them out. The sausage-shaped tables around the van do even more to draw attention to this weird ride. Judging by the line of hungry folks visible at the end of the video, the owner of this interesting machine appears to do very good business selling wurst and drinks.

Looking inside, the cockpit is still in place, so the proprietor might still be able to take this rig and trailer to wherever people are hungry. Seeing the banana yellow, cloud-shaped contraption rolling down the road must be quite a sight. Think of it as a very odd take on the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

It's worth noting that Volkswagen makes its own sausage and pumps out around 18,000 of them each day. The wurst even has its own VW part number. This means that its possible this classic van could be not only a VW on the outside but serve the brand's hot dogs from the inside. What a perfect combination.