Owners of Gran Turismo Sport can download a new game update that adds nine new cars and a new race track. How about that for an election day bonus? Ever since Gran Turismo Sport debuted in October 2017, Polyphony Digital has released regular updates that have included new cars, new tracks, new game modes, new features, game improvements, and bug fixes. The developer has been on an update onslaught since launch, releasing new content almost monthly and for free. 

For November, the development team is offering an update – out today – that adds the aforementioned nine new cars and Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. The new vehicles are from a wide range of automakers and time periods ranging from 1961 to 2009. The new cars are: 

That's quite an eclectic range of new vehicles to drive in the game. The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is the Grand Prix circuit. 

But that’s not all Polyphony is offering with the update. The developer is also adding new game modes and events that include the X2014 Nations Cup (Professional League) and the Mini Challenge (Beginner League). The company is also adding events to the Group 4 Cup (Beginner League), Boxer Spirit (Amateur League), All Japan GT Car Championships (Professional League), and the Porsche Cup (Endurance League).

The update is free and will include minor upgrades such as new features, game improvements, and bug fixes. It’s rare for a game developer to offer free anything anymore. Often, developers will charge a pretty penny for downloadable content. We’re looking at you, Forza Motorsport 7.