When I was of age, I jumped at the opportunity to take a driver’s education course. I dedicated a summer to completing classwork, driving with an instructor, and racking up hours behind the wheel with a parent in the passenger seat. Before being let loose with a learner’s permit and a £500 junker, I had to prove to the instructor I could handle a car, which at the time was a nondescript four-door GM sedan. It was far from fancy, but it got the job done. A lot has changed since I learned to drive 15 years ago because now you can learn to drive in a Lamborghini Aventador, which is way cooler than some ho-hum sedan. 

The Get Licensed YouTube channel thought it was a good idea to use something as eye-catching and outrageous as the Lamborghini Aventador to entice people who want to learn how to drive. What better way to introduce people old and young to the joys of driving with something as powerful and exotic as a Lamborghini? I can’t think of any. 

The channel bought the car after KSI owned it – he’s a YouTube celebrity. The car had a few different colour wraps before getting another makeover from Get Licensed, which added some green accents and the company's logos. The car’s stock orange paint looks stellar – and it catches the eye, which is perfect for advertising. 

The video is short and is more promotional than informational. It seems a tad dangerous to put inexperienced drivers behind the wheel of the Lamborghini Aventador and its 6.5-litre V12 that makes 691 bhp. Then again, if the company is using it to teach people how to drive, it probably has a host of safety features for the instructor to take control when things get hairy. Or at least that’s what I’d hope. 

Source: Get Licensed via YouTube