Kids born with silver spoons in their mouths have another reason to feel fortunate about having deep-pocketed parents as Mercedes is launching a fancy baby stroller. Developed by German company Hartan in collaboration with the automaker’s design department, the Avantgarde replicates the five-twin-spoke design of AMG wheels finished in black and white as you’ll find them on the C-Class.

There’s more to the baby stroller than its car-derived wheels as it has been fitted with air-chamber tyres and even an adjustable suspension making it easy to maneuver. The low weight also helps, with the aluminium frame tipping the scales at just 8.9 kilograms while the seat unit weighs only 4.1 kg.

Mercedes Avantgarde baby stroller

Proudly carrying the three-pointed star on the seat unit and the “Mercedes-Benz” lettering on the frame, the Avantgarde baby stroller boasts all the features you’d come to expect from a high-end product, including an infant carrier used in the first few months of the baby’s life. It’s extremely light and can be mounted on the frame with just one click.

Mercedes Avantgarde baby stroller

Further contributing to the baby stroller’s functionality are additional features like the telescopic handlebar and parking brake, as well as a height-adjustable footrest to guarantee maximum comfort for your little one. Whether you want the kid to face the direction of movement or to look at you, the seat unit can be turned 180 degrees on the frame with just one click.

Mercedes Avantgarde baby stroller

The baby stroller will go on sale next month and is going to come bundled with an assortment of extras, such as a sunshade umbrella “in a stylish Mercedes-Benz design” and a wind shield for the seat unit. In addition, there’s also an organiser for your mobile phone, keys, and wallet, while a rain hood is also part of the package. Mercedes and Hartan will also throw in a footmuff, which will come in handy if you’re living in colder climates.

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Mercedes-Benz baby carriage Avantgarde - from Function to Experience: Stellar ride for the littlest ones…

Stuttgart. A sense of style and driving experience is instilled in the young generation from the very first outing with the all-new Mercedes-Benz baby carriage Avantgarde from Hartan. This is where ergonomic functionality, tested safety and innovative materials meet a modern, sporty look developed in close cooperation with the Mercedes-Benz Design department. The AMG design-inspired 5-twin-spoke wheels as well as adjustable suspension and the air-chamber tyres are a true highlights.

With the Mercedes-Benz baby carriage Avantgarde, young parents are always prepared to face everyday challenges while transporting their children. The manufacturer of the all-new pram is the German family firm Hartan from Gestungshausen in the Franconia area in the middle of Germany. Hartan has been producing high-quality baby carriages “Made in Germany” since the 1950s. Thus Mercedes-Benz is cooperating with an expert specialist in child mobility which also sets standards in innovation and comfortable and reliable products. Working together with Mercedes-Benz Design guarantees that certain sporty extra, just like the vehicle manufacturer itself. As is the case on the road, safety comes first on pavements and in parks: just like all the products from Hartan, the Mercedes-Benz baby carriage Avantgarde meets the highest requirements in terms of material selection and production quality and bears the German Association for Technical Inspection (TÜV) seal of approval.

The Mercedes-Benz baby carriage Avantgarde is characterised by a very low net weight resulting from the combination of an aluminium frame of just 8.9 kg with a stylish 4.1 kg GTX seat unit. Thanks to the highly manoeuvrable carrier with Solight Ecco air-chamber tyres, the baby carriage can be moved effortlessly on any surface. Solight Ecco is also a material which is very light thanks to its low density and, as it contains no plasticizers or PAHs, it is highly environmentally friendly. The iconic feature on the Mercedes-Benz baby carriage Avantgarde is the eye-catching rim in the same sporty black-silver-coloured 5-twin-spoke AMG design which is also available on the new C-Class. The parking brake, telescopic handlebar and a stowage compartment are further practical features of this high-quality design.

The carriage seat gets ergonomic points for its multiple-adjustable swivel function which also includes a recline position. A height-adjustable footrest with safety reflectors ensures that the child sits comfortably in each stage of growth and thanks to a belt system and an upholstered check strap the child is optimally protected from falling out. Depending on whether the child prefers to face the direction of movement or prefers to look at their parents, the seat unit can be turned 180° on the frame with one click. The noiselessly adjustable top is protects effectively on hot days and in rainy conditions thanks to a climate zone in the rear and a fold-out sun visor.

For the first few months, as an alternative to the seat unit, an infant carrier can be mounted on the frame with a single click. Here too the designers have paid special attention to the greatest possible comfort for baby and parents alike. The infant carrier is very light and can be quickly mounted and removed. It is ergonomically upholstered and has a soft-top with a sun shield and erectable back section affording comfort for both the baby and parents.

The Mercedes-Benz baby carriage Avantgarde is available in different colour variations. The “DESSIN Sport”design is a combination of black/anthracite/ grey/silver with red seams on the upholstery of the handle and safety bar as well as a red piping on the hood to ensure a dynamic look. The “DESSIN Sport” is fitted on an iridium silver carrier. The “Dolce Vita” variant in beige/sand/brown with a timeless carrier in “Arenisca” looks timelessly elegant. The “DESSIN Deep Sea” design in anthracite grey/dove blue with the carrier in “Seaskin” colour shows a stylish fashionably direction.

To supplement the baby carriage, Mercedes-Benz and Hartan also includes accessories such as a sunshade umbrella, changing bag in a stylish Mercedes-Benz design, a foot muff, a head restraint and a wind shield for the GTX seat unit. All accessories bear the logos of both tradition-deep companies. An organiser for storing a wallet, keys and mobile phone as well as a rain hood are included in the scope of specific accessories.

The Mercedes-Benz baby carriage Avantgarde will be available in leading baby specialist shops starting November 2018. Further information on the all new “Mercedes of baby carriages” will also be available from Hartan at