When you buy a new hypercar, it must be hard not to blip the throttle to see what the freshly purchased machine can do. Experimenting with the performance of a McLaren Senna went very badly for a new owner near Munich, Germany, when the driver piloted the high-performance machine into a wall.


The crash reportedly happened within hours of the buyer taking delivery, according to GT Spirit. The photo of the accident scene showed tyre marks on the road, and this indicated that the driver lost control of the machine. Given the position of the car, the rear end likely swung out, and with very little runoff for the pilot to regain command, the front struck the wall.

The impact was hard enough to cause the airbags to deploy. However, the actual damage doesn't look too severe. The angle of the photo isn't ideal, but the front corner only shows a slight crumple. As long as the underbody didn't scrape the curb too severely, repairing the harm shouldn't be too hard. It's still a shame to see a brand new hypercar need a trip to the body shop so soon, though.

McLaren is only building 500 examples of the Senna at a starting price of £750,000 each. They feature a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 producing 789 bhp and 590 pound-feet. This potent engine tucks into a vehicle that weighs just 1,198 kilograms. Among the vehicle's amazing specs is that the carbon-ceramic brake discs each require seven months to produce, and McLaren tailors the driver's seat to the owner.