Who's tired of teasers?

We’re just days away from the official debut of Volkswagen’s smallest SUV to date. The T-Cross will show its face to the world on October 25, and the German manufacturer has decided to release one more, hopefully final, teaser before the grand premiere.

In this new preview video, the T-Cross is showing once again its interior and is revealing parts of its rear end design. We are happy to report the quirkiness of the front will be continued at the back with a distinctive LED signature hiding under what appears to be a transparent plastic cover.

Being a Polo-based vehicle, the T-Cross will share many of its components with the popular European hatchback. These include the fully digital instrument cluster and the overall interior layout. The tech fans will probably be happy to hear the small crossover will feature a wireless charger in the centre console.

Probably it’s not a surprise for anyone that the T-Cross also drives like a Polo, but with a higher riding position. At the back, the rear bench is adjustable providing a cargo area of between 385 litres and 455 litres depending on its position. If you fold flat the seats, the cargo area will expand to 1,281 litres.

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The MQB A0-based vehicle will be offered with an array of familiar engines, including a base 1.0-litre three-cylinder unit and a larger 1.5-litre turbo motor. Depending on the market, customers will also be able to order it with a frugal 1.6-litre diesel. The only remaining mystery here is whether the T-Cross will be optionally available with an all-wheel-drive system or it will remain a purely front-drive machine.

The curtain will finally drop off this Thursday, October 25, so stay tuned for the full reveal.