So is Walter White trading his Pontiac Aztek for an electrified Ford Mustang?

A new video from Ford highlights the company's high-tech future, including possibly providing our very first look at the upcoming hybrid Mustang. The vehicle makes only a brief appearance in the ad featuring actor Bryan Cranston from the American television crime drama Breaking Bad, but it's the most electrifying moment in the whole clip.

Within just a few seconds of video, the commercial shows an old Mustang and a modern one. After taking a look under the bonnet, the front end changes and reveals a much different look for the pony car. The grille features new trim that largely closes off the opening, and there's an illuminated pony logo. The lower fascia also appears to have a simpler shape than on the existing vehicle.

The view under the bonnet shows a V8 under there. However, it's not clear whether the hybrid Mustang would actually use this engine or if this is just for illustrative purposes. Ford isn't offering many details about the powertrain yet. In an earlier statement, the company said the setup would offer “V8-like performance” and said at another time there would be "even more low-end torque." For reference, the 5.0-litre V8 in the 2018 Mustang GT produces 460 bhp and 420 pound-feet of torque, so the hybrid model should be plenty powerful.

Admittedly, putting a V8 in the engine bay would be an easy way to assure that V8-like performance. However, it's possible there could be fewer cylinder pumping away, and the hybrid assistance would make up the difference.

According to the most recent rumours, the hybrid Mustang arrives shortly after the combustion-powered, next-gen model in 2021. The electrified model would only be available in North America at first.