Overlanders are enjoying a boom in popularity by combining a four-by-four vehicle for getting off-road and a place to sleep once you get to the preferred spot in the wilderness. Consider this 1942 Chevrolet US Army truck camper conversion among the granddaddies of this idea, and you can take it on an adventure after buying the vintage machine at Mecum's Las Vegas auction in November.

1942 Chevrolet Army Camper

These Chevy 4x4 trucks worked during World War II under the G506 military designation and were able to transport as much 1.5 tons of equipment to where it was necessary on the battlefield. This one was specifically a G7117 denoting a cargo body and winch. At some point after the war, the rig received an overhaul into a bespoke camper, including a solid oak section on the back with engraved wood details and brass hardware. Inside, there's a sleeper and kitchenette, but Mecum's photos, unfortunately, don't provide a look at this area.

In addition to the camper section, the work also includes a 5.7-litre V8 that replaces the original 3.9-litre OHV inline six from WWII. It routes through a four-speed manual, and there's four-wheel drive.


1942 Chevrolet Army Camper

The Chevy wears an attractive burgundy body. When it's time to make camp for the night, this machine has everything you need because a jack, shovel, and axe mount to the side. If any animals really start to bother you, dual air horns should be plenty loud enough to scare them away.

Mecum estimates the vintage camper to sell for between $45,000 and $55,000 (approx. £34,250 and £42,00 at the current exchange rate). The Las Vegas sale runs from November 15 to 17. At least the buyer need to worry about finding a hotel, if he or she decides to drive this Chevy home.

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