There is nothing about the Bugatti Chiron that insinuates to buyers that it should ever go off-road. The ultra-high-powered grand tourer excels at covering vast distances at insane speeds while keeping occupants very comfortable. Now, rendering artist Rain Prisk imagines the result of a crazed Chiron owner ripping the hypercar apart and turning it into a rig fit for riding into the sunset after the apocalypse.

The Chiron is already all-wheel drive, so that should provide a traction advantage in the dirt. Prisk raises the ride height to keep the vital mechanical pieces farther away from obstacles. The front skid plate on the extended bumper looks cool but seems largely superfluous since the Bugatti's engine is behind the driver. There's now a winch in front, too.

Prisk also significantly raises the Chiron's ride height and mounts a massive set of off-road tyres. This requires cutting the wings to give the meatier rubber enough clearance. Looking closely up front, you can also see the line for the remote-reservoir shocks, which should provide plenty of capability for soaking up the bumps.

The stock Chiron doesn't offer much cargo space, so Prisk uses a roof rack to add room for carrying life's necessities. Brackets appear to let it attach to the rear end, and there are LED lamps for some extra illumination when camping because there's not enough room to sleep inside the hypercar.

This rig would be a ton of fun to drive through the desert but would not be our first choice when the fecal matter hits the rotating ventilator. The Chiron is just too complicated of a vehicle, and when something inevitably breaks fixing the issue would be seriously difficult. Watch what it takes to do an oil change on a Veyron, and then imagine trying to do any wrenching on the hypercar under the baking sun. We'll take a Jeep CJ, Toyota FJ, or something like that over this Bugatti as our vehicle of choice if things ever really fall apart.