Folks, in case you haven’t noticed by now, there’s absolutely no age limit when it comes to the world of Lego. Time and again we’ve seen fabulous automotive creations from builders young and old, and this functional engine is no different. Actually, it is a bit different, because not only does this inline-six spin like it should, you can remove parts of the engine to actually see it working. How brilliant is that?

The builder of this Lego mill is named Leo, and it’s a scale representation of a Ford 4.0-litre I6 found in Australia. It’s not just any old engine either, but the Barra turbocharged six used in high-performance iterations of the Ford Falcon. This is actually the second Lego engine he built – the first one was completed back in March and looks pretty much the same, save for the red cam cover. You can see it here in this second video.


As mentioned previously, this latest engine doesn’t just have a removable cam cover like the first. The entire side can be removed to see crankshaft and pistons doing their thing, and the attention-to-detail is phenomenal.

Lego Ford Barra I6 Engine

Leo even goes so far as to talk about how he had to create a flat-plane crank instead of the crossplane crank used in the real engine. The belts up front spin, the cam spins, the turbo spins – all it needs now a Lego Falcon in proper scale to complete the package. Will Leo take on that challenge? He does own a 2014 Falcon XR6 Turbo, so you never know.

For those wondering, yes Leo has submitted this brilliant engine to Lego Ideas for consideration as an official Lego product. It would be an easy one to do as well, since none of the pieces used are modified or painted from normal Lego bricks. He needs some help though – the project only has 23 supporters with 51 days left. You know we’ll be throwing our support behind this build.


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