In October 2017, Ken Block announced he would have a streaming series on Amazon Prime. Now, almost a year later, the first teaser for the show has finally dropped. We don't have to wait too much longer to watch the behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Block's stunts because The Gymkhana Files premieres November 16.

The show specifically focuses on chronicling the making of Gymkhana 10. When we see one of Block's stunt-filled videos, it's the idealised version of the events. The clips don't show the necessary preparation or the times that Block screws up when one of his close calls turns into a crash. The Gymkhana Files will change this be revealing the extensive production necessary to create just a few minutes of driving excitement for us to enjoy.

Despite the trailer dropping in October 2017, Gymkhana 10 hasn't premiered yet. The video is Block and his Hoonigan team's biggest undertaking yet, though. They are taking five all-wheel-drive Fords to different locations for a variety of stunts. Among them is a new creation that appears to be a highly modified 1970s Ford F-Series pickup with two turbos visible above the bonnet. The venerable Hoonicorn and a Ford Escort Cosworth also make appearances. We wouldn't be surprised to see Block's Ford RS200 in Gymkhana 10, too.

There's no word yet about when Gymkhana 10 hits the Web. For marketing synergy, it would make sense for the much-anticipated video finally to premiere sometime during The Gymkhana Files' run. Block and Amazon could then push people to watch the behind-the-scenes streaming series after they see the new clip.