Better brakes and new pieces on the body reveal this isn't an M2 Competition.

This big gallery of new spy shots reveals that BMW is evaluating an even hotter version of the M2 to sit above the new Competition model. Earlier rumours suggest that this is either the CS or CSL variant, but it's not clear which one this might be.

BMW M2 CS CSL Spy Shots

In large part, this vehicle looks like the new M2 Competition, but there are a few tweaks that indicate this is something special. BMW's development team takes a note from Porsche's playbook and uses body-color tape to conceal the new pieces. Fortunately, the adhesion isn't working on the corners of the extended front splitter, which reveals the part to us. 

This test prototype rides on a set of lightweight-looking, black, Y-spoke wheels with sticky Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres. There are new brake discs, and they appear to be a ceramic-composite material. The callipers are larger than on the M2 Competition, and their gold colour is eye-catching, too.

BMW M2 CS CSL Spy Shots

The more aggressive stoppers also appear at the back, although with smaller callipers since the ones in front do most of the work. Looking a little higher, BMW's team also covers a larger boot lip spoiler with white tape in an effort to hide the new piece.

Rumours about the M2 CS suggest it would be a limited-edition model only for the United States in 2020. Various upgrades reportedly shave 60 kilograms off the coupe. The Competition already weighs 1,632 kg with the manual or 1,658 kg with the automatic transmission. In addition, power reportedly rises over the current 405 bhp and 406 pound-feet of torque.

Before Americans feel too special about getting a special-edition, more-powerful M2, rumours suggest the rest of the world might get a CSL variant in 2021. It wouldn't be available in the U.S. and would boast an even lower weight and more power. 

Source: Automedia, CarPix

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