Carlex Design is very familiar with tuning the Mercedes-Benz X-Class by creating luxurious and rugged versions of the German brand's new pickup. The firm's next project is far more audacious, though, because the team is creating a bespoke, six-wheeled truck with an extended bed and brawny, flared wings. It calls the machine the X-Class Exy 6x6 Concept.

This is more than just an X-Class with an extra pair of wheels, although that would be exciting enough. Carlex fits a revised front fascia with huge intakes in the corners and a winch in the centre. The revised bonnet gains a scoop, and there are wheel arch flares with exposed rivets that look straight off a 1980s punk rocker's jacket. An LED light bar adorns the roof. Side steps make getting into the raised pickup a little easier, too.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class 6X6 by Carlex Design

The biggest changes are at the rear, though. Carlex makes room for an extra axle and mounts the truck on knobby, off-road tyres. Huge wings cover the wheels. A massive X adorns the tailgate, and there's a new bumper with the exhaust outlets integrated into them.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class 6X6 by Carlex Design

Unfortunately, Carlex Design isn't providing many details about this machine beyond promising that it's now under construction. The bonnet scoop indicates the possibility of extra power being available. Currently, the X-Class' top engine is a turbodiesel 3.0-liter V6 with 258 bhp and 406 pound-feet of torque that runs through a seven-speed automatic. 

Making the X-Class into a proper 6x6 will be quite a bit of work for Carlex. It'll require another differential and driveshaft to power the wheels. A new transfer case will possibly be necessary, too, to let drivers select where to send the torque. We can't wait to see how Carlex works it out.

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