BMW took the wraps off the all-new 3 Series Saloon last week at the Paris Motor Show, and as you are about to see in these videos, production of the company’s best-selling car has already commenced. The attached footage comes from the factory in Munich, Germany where the sports saloon comes to life, although it’s not the only place where the 3er is produced as BMW is already assembling the car in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. In addition, the G20 will also be put together in a long wheelbase specification in Shenyang, northeast China to cater to the local market.

Being at the core of the BMW brand, the seventh-generation 3 Series needs to perform and reclaim the title for the best driver’s car in its segment. The company has high hopes for the new model as development boss Klaus Frohlich claims it will eclipse all rivals in terms of driving dynamics. He told Motoring he’s sick and tired of reading negative reviews about the previous generations of the car. His exact words are a bit harsh:

“I do not want to hear that sh*t anymore.”

Aspirations aside, it’s always nice to see a modern car being built in a state-of-the-art facility such as this one. The high level of automation combined with the still much-needed human touch creates a wonderful mélange regardless if you are a BMW fan or not. Watching robots assembling the body like pieces of a puzzle is oddly satisfying, as is seeing the body getting a fresh coat of paint.

In the final check video attached below, we certainly wouldn’t mind being the guy responsible for putting the BMW roundel logo onto the car’s bonnet as it’s a job we would never get tired of. Using that tool to attach the “330i” badge onto the trunk lid is also on our wish list, as is giving the finished car a quick check after it leaves the assembly line.

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