Toyota execs are being very loose-lipped about the automaker's future product strategy recent, especially as it pertains to performance vehicles. President and CEO of Toyota Europe Johan van Zyl believes that these upcoming vehicles could arrive after shorter development periods thanks to the firm's TGNA modular platform.

'I think one of the things that’s driving us is how to be more agile, and how to shorten these lead times,' van Zyl told Top Gear. 'In the future, we think we will be able to reduce some of the development time.'

In the recent weeks, there have been rumours about several exciting, new Toyotas. Members of the team behind the Supra would like to revive the Celica or MR2 next. In addition, van Zyl discussed the possibility of creating a GR-tuned-version of the Corolla with a hybrid powerplant.

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'Our TNGA platform allows us to change the exterior and interior and also to give an emotional appeal to the styling. With the C-HR we really wanted to bring something different to the market, to push,' van Zyl told Top Gear. 'And with Toyota Gazoo, entering the WRC, World Endurance Championship and Dakar… all of this makes the brand more emotional and exciting, and brings excitement closer to the customer. We’ll continue with that excitement now, with cars like Supra.'

Van Zyl also reiterated that the next-gen 86 was still a joint venture with Subaru by saying, 'it would have to be developed with Subaru.' An earlier report from Japan indicated that the new models would switch to a 2.4-litre powerplant, likely a version of the 260-bhp unit in the Subaru Ascent sold in the U.S. It would also have a lower centre of gravity. Current speculation puts the debut in 2021.

Source: Top Gear